NConnect Mobile app FAQ

Q. Which OS version supports the NConnect APP?
A. The current version of NConnect APP is supported on the following platforms:
  • IOS - iPhone 5s, 6, 6 plus, iPad2 and iPad3.
  • Android - Android 4.0 and above.
  • Windows - Windows 8 and above.
Q. How much space is needed to download the APP?
A. Platform wise NConnect app’s space requirements are:
  • IOS - 22 MB
  • Android - 12 MB
  • Windows - 6 MB
Q. Can I download the app on multiple devices?
A. Yes, you can download the app on multiple devices with single app market account.
Q. I have multiple accounts. Can I use them all in a single Mobile App?
A. No. you can use only one account in a single mobile app at a time.
Q. I have downloaded the app from the app market. Now what? How do I get started with trial version?
A. The user should receive a separate mail from the Support team providing credentials required to access the app. On receipt of the mail for the credentials, user is required to put the same credentials on the login page of the app.
Q. I have lost the device on which I had downloaded the app. Do I have to fill up the form again?
A. If your device should ever get lost or broken, you can download the NConnect application directly from play store & use previously provided credentials provided the credentials have not expired.
Q. Is there any expiry period of the credentials?
A. Yes, The credentials are valid for a period of 30 days from the date of issue.
Q. My credentials have expired. I still want to explore the app? What is the procedure for extending the trial period?
A. The credentials time period cannot be extended. User will have to request a new trial demo credentials by filling up the demo form again.
Q. I have not received the mail of credentials from the support team. What do I do?
A. The User should wait for 24 hrs. from the time of requesting for free Demo. If the user does not receive the mail for credentials within that time, he can contact our support desk at
Q. I have received the mail of credentials from the support team. But the Credentials provided for Trial version do not work? What do I do?
A. Check if the credentials are correctly filled up for logging into the app. For logging in the app you need to fill up the following details properly.
  1. URL,
  2. login &
  3. password
Check out for any possible mistyping or case syntax. The user should know that the credentials provided are case sensitive. If Inspite filling proper credentials, the user faces issue in logging into the app then the user should contact our support desk at to help the user in logging the app.
Q. I have forgotten the password and am not able to trace the mail of credentials? What do I do?
A. send a mail to requesting to forward the credentials mail to your registered email.
Q. Do I need to enter all the three credentials every time I open up the app?
A. No, you need to enter only the password every time you open the app.
Q. I would like to share this app to one of my colleague. Can I share my app and my credentials with him?
A. No, the app can be used only by downloading from the app market with valid user account. The app cannot be transferred or forwarded to other devices. In case the other user downloads the app from the app market he will be provided separate credentials for his account.
Q. I want to explore the app using my data. Can I connect the app with my data?
A. No, The Demo is connected to a preconfigured database for demo purpose. For exploring the app connecting your data you need to send a request Our support team will help you.
Q. How do I report queries or bugs in the demo app?
A. You can mail your queries or bugs to
Q. What number do I call for technical support?
A. We do not have open lines for technical support for demo version. For any queries please contact our support team at with your contact numbers.
Q. I have explored the trial version. I like the product and would like to know further procedure for purchasing the app for my organization?
A. you can send a mail to mentioning your interest in purchasing the app. Alternatively you can fill up the sales enquiry form on NConnect page of the company’s website and our sales official will contact you to take this further.