Employee Workplace Engagement App

A mobile app to securely engage employees using SharePoint Anytime! Anywhere!

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NConnect – Employee Engagement Mobile App

NConnect is an Employee engagement mobile application solution to help companies securely engage with their employees Anytime! Anywhere! In today's era, where almost everyone has mobile connectivity, an app like NConnect can be very effective for employees to be able to access content and information from their company portals, anytime, anywhere and work effectively from any location. This app currently runs on Office 365, SharePoint 2010 & 2013 version of on - premise platform.

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How NConnect can help?

NGenious Solutions

Leverage Existing Investment

This SharePoint mobile app can be connected to both SharePoint on premise and Office 365 platforms without any additional SharePoint investments.

NGenious Solutions

Secure Connectivity

Securely authenticate with Corporate Active Directory / Microsoft Office 365

NGenious Solutions

Direct, Fast Engagement

NConnect ensures digital content reaches your employees keeping them updated wherever they are.

NGenious Solutions

Better ROI

Increase the ROI on existing SharePoint platform investment with increased employee engagement using this SharePoint mobile app.

NGenious Solutions

Easily Configurable

The application is easily configurable to any industry specific business requirement.

NGenious Solutions

Secured Dynamic Content Access

The application ensures content access based on role and user specific permissions.

NGenious Solutions

Complete Management Control

Client gets complete control to manage users, content and access permissions.

NGenious Solutions

Supports Cross Device, Cross Platform

The application is available on IOS, Android.

NGenious Solutions

Supports Various Media

The application supports various media such as Image, Video, Documents, Blogs / Articles.